Pro Kabaddi League 2022 Season 9 Auction Players List, Schedule | Time Table

Pro Kabaddi League 2022

Kabaddi was long seen as a sport coming from rural India, slowly fading into antiquity and dwarfed by other games, especially cricket. But with the launch of Pro Kabbadi League, people’s opinion has drastically changed towards this game.
Which used to be a quaint pastime of earlier ages, has now become an eminent game with leviathan media house broadcasting, revamped rules, and lucrative awards.
This game is very appealing to the viewers due to its simplicity. In this game, the raider enters the opponent team’s territory and needs to tap the opponent and come back to its own yard, then it will be counted as a point.
That’s why the League has become very successful in India, especially in North India, and encouraged many young players to adopt Kabaddi as a profession.
So the much-awaited PKL Season 9 Auction will be held for 2 days from 5th to 6th August 2022 in Mumbai. A total of 12 franchisees have participated in the auction. The full list of sold players has been out of both domestic and overseas players.
The Pro kabaddi starting date is 11 November 2022 as announced by Mashal Sports. All the matches of Season 9 will be played in different states of India keeping in mind the safety of players in COVID 19. The Schedule will be announced in a while, we will update it just after the official declaration.

PKL Auction 2022 sold players full list:

Domestic Players auction list:

PlayerTeamBase PriceAuction Price
Deepak Niwas Hooda (FBM)Jaipur Pink PanthersRs. 30 lakhRs. 55 lakh
Rohit GuliaHaryana SteelersRs. 30 lakhRs. 83 lakh
Ravinder PahalGujarat GiantsRs. 30 lakhRs. 74 lakh
Vishal BhardwajPuneri PaltanRs. 30 lakhRs. 60 lakh
Baldev SinghPuneri PaltanRs. 30 lakhRs. 60 lakh
Surender SinghTelugu TitansRs. 30 lakhRs. 55 lakh
Sandeep Kumar Dhull (FBM)Jaipur Pink PanthersRs. 30 lakhRs. 45 lakh
Surjeet SinghTamil ThalaivasRs. 30 lakhRs. 75 lakh
Mahender Singh (FBM)Bengaluru BullsRs. 30 lakhRs. 50 lakh
K. PrapanjanTamil ThalaivasRs. 30 lakhRs. 71 lakh
Siddharth Desai (FBM)Telugu TitansRs. 30 lakhRs. 1.30 crore
Rahul ChaudhariPuneri PaltanRs. 30 lakhRs.40 lakh
Pardeep NarwalUP YoddhaRs. 30 lakhRs. 1.65 crore
ManjeetTamil ThalaivasRs. 30 lakhRs. 92 lakh
Rohit KumarTelugu TitansRs. 30 lakhRs. 36 lakh
Chandran RanjitBengaluru BullsRs. 30 lakhRs. 80 lakh
Prashanth Kumar RaiPatna PiratesRs. 30 lakhRs. 55 lakh
SachinPatna PiratesRs. 30 lakhRs. 84 lakh
Shirikant Jadhav (FBM)UP YoddhaRs. 30 lakhRs. 72 lakh
Vikas JaglanHaryana SteelersRs. 20 lakhRs. 20 lakh
Sandeep NarwalDabang DelhiRs. 20 lakhRs. 60 lakh
Dharmaraj CheralathanJaipur Pink PanthersRs. 20 lakhRs. 20 lakh
Joginder Singh NarwalDabang DelhiRs. 20 lakhRs. 20 lakh
SunilPatna PiratesRs. 20 lakhRs. 31.50 lakh
Jeeva KumarDabang DelhiRs. 20 lakhRs. 44 lakh
Ravi KumarHaryana SteelersRs. 20 lakhRs. 27.50 lakh
Surender NadaHaryana SteelersRs. 20 lakhRs. 20 lakh
Nitin TomarPuneri PaltanRs. 20 lakhRs. 61 lakh
More G BBengaluru BullsRs. 20 lakhRs. 25 lakh
Deepak NarwalBengaluru BullsRs. 20 lakhRs. 26.50 lakh
Ajith V KumarU MumbaRs. 20 lakhRs. 25 lakh
Sukesh HegdeBengal WarriorsRs. 20 lakhRs. 30 lakh
NaveenJaipur Pink PantehrsRs. 20 lakhRs. 22 lakh
SonuGujarat GiantsRs. 20 lakhRs. 20 lakh
Arjun DeshwalJaipur Pink PanthersRs. 20 lakhRs. 96 lakh
Sumit SinghBengal WarriorsRs. 20 lakhRs. 20 lakh
Ajay ThakurDabang DelhiRs. 20 lakhRs. 46 lakh
Manoj Gowda K.Patna PiratesRs. 10 lakhRs. 10 lakh
Sajin ChandrasekarBengal WarriorsRs. 10 lakhRs. 10 lakh
Rajesh NarwalHaryana SteelersRs. 10 lakhRs. 10 lakh
Brijendra Singh ChaudharyHaryana SteelersRs. 10 lakhRs. 55 lakh
Saurabh Tanaji PatilTamil ThalaivasRs. 10 lakhRs. 15 lakh
Ajay GhanghasHaryana SteelersRs. 10 lakhRs. 10 lakh
GurdeepUP YoddhaRs. 10 lakhRs. 10 lakh
E SubashPuneri PaltanRs. 10 lakhRs. 10 lakh
PankajU MumbaRs. 10 lakhRs. 34.50 lakh
SombirPuneri PaltanRs. 10 lakhRs. 10 lakh
Vijin ThangaduraiBengal WarriorsRs. 10 lakhRs. 10 lakh
AmitJaipur Pink PanthersRs. 10 lakhRs. 20 lakh
RinkuU MumbaRs. 10 lakhRs. 32 lakh
ParveenBengal WarriorsRs. 10 lakhRs. 10 lakh
Sourav GuliaPatna PiratesRs. 10 lakhRs. 10 lakh
Rohit BanneBengal WarriorsRs. 10 lakhRs. 10 lakh
SandeepTelugu TitansRs. 10 lakhRs. 59.50 lakh
Gaurav KumarUP YoddhaRs. 10 lakhRs. 10 lakh
Rajesh GurjarHaryana SteelersRs. 10 lakhRs. 10 lakh
Sunil SiddhgavaliU MumbaRs. 10 lakhRs. 10 lakh
SandeepPatna PiratesRs. 10 lakhRs. 10 lakh
Mayur Jagannath KadamBengaluru BullsRs. 10 lakhRs. 15 lakh
Ruturaj Shivaji KoraviTelugu TitansRs. 10 lakhRs. 19.80 lakh
Darshan J.Bengal WarriorsRs. 10 lakhRs. 10 lakh
Adarsh T.Telugu TitansRs. 10 lakhRs. 10 lakh
AnkitBengaluru ullsRs. 10 lakhRs. 10 lakh
Shubham ShindePatna PiratesRs. 10 lakhRs. 10 lakh
Sachin VittalaBengal WarriorsRs. 10 lakhRs. 17.50 lakh
KaramvirPuneri PaltanRs. 10 lakhRs. 10 lakh
AjeetU MumbaRs. 10 lakhRs. 10 lakh
Mahendra Ganesh RajputGujarat GiantsRs. 10 lakhRs. 15 lakh
Akash PikalmundeBengal WarriorsRs. 10 lakhRs. 17 lakh
Rathan KGujarat GiantsRs. 10 lakhRs. 25 lakh
SahilUP YoddhaRs. 10 lakhRs. 10 lakh
AshokJaipur Pink PanthersRs. 10 lakhRs. 10 lakh
Bhavani RajputTamil ThalaivasRs. 10 lakhRs. 10 lakh
Maninder SinghGujarat GiantsRs. 10 lakhRs. 10 lakh
Guman SinghPatna PiratesRs. 10 lakhRs. 18.50 lakh
Harshit YadavGujarat GiantsRs. 10 lakhRs. 10 lakh
Jashandeep SinghU MumbaRs. 10 lakhRs. 10 lakh
Rahul RanaU MumbaRs. 10 lakhRs. 10 lakh
Vishwa S.Puneri PaltanRs. 10 lakhRs. 10 lakh
Ajinkya Ashok PawarTamil ThalaivasRs. 10 lakhRs. 19.50 lakh
Gulveer SinghUP YoddhaRs. 10 lakhRs. 10 lakh
RohitBengal WarriorsRs. 6 lakhRs. 6 lakh
Abinesh NadarajanPuneri PaltanRs. 6 lakhRs. 6 lakh
VikasDabang DelhiRs. 6 lakhRs. 6 lakh
G. RajuTelugu TitansRs. 6 lakhRs. 6 lakh
AnkitUP YoddhaRs. 10 lakhRs. 10 lakh
Amit ChuahanTelugu TitansRs. 6 lakhRs. 6 lakh
Manjeet ChhillarDabang DelhiRs. 20 lakhRs. 20 lakh
C. ArunTelugu TitansRs. 10 lakhRs. 10 lakh
SahilTamil ThalaivasRs. 10 lakhRs. 10 lakh
Amit NagarJaipur Pink PanthersRs. 10 lakhRs. 10 lakh
Rishank DevadigaBengal WarriorsRs. 20 lakhRs. 20 lakh
Monu GoyatPatna PiratesRs. 20 lakhRs. 20 lakh
Sourav KumarPuneri PaltanRs. 6 lakhRs. 6 lakh
Athul MSTamil ThalaivasRs. 20 lakhRs. 30 lakh
VikasBengaluru BullsRs. 10 lakhRs. 10 lakh
Girish Maruti ErnakGujarat GiantsRs. 20 lakhRs. 20 lakh
Shaul KumarJaipur Pink PanthersRs. 10 lakhRs. 10 lakh
Ashish Kumar SangwanU MumbaRs. 10 lakhRs. 10 lakh
Pardeep KumarGujarat GiantsRs. 10 lakhRs. 10 lakh
Sagar B KrishnaTamil ThalaivasRs. 10 lakhRs. 10 lakh
Aashish NagarUP YoddhaRs. 10 lakhRs. 10 lakh
Sushant SailDabang DelhiRs. 10 lakhRs. 10 lakh
Ajay KumarGujarat GiantsRs. 10 lakhRs. 10 lakh
SanthapanaselvamTamil ThalaivasRs. 10 lakhRs. 10 lakh

Foreign (overseas) Players Auction Sold List:

 Player  Country  Team  Auction Price 
 Abozar Mohajer Mighani  Iran Bengal Warriors  ₹30.5 lakhs
 Jang Kun Lee (FBM) South Korea  Patna Pirates ₹20.5 Lakhs
 Mohsen Maghsoudlou Jafari  Iran U Mumba ₹12.8 Lakhs
 Victor Obiero Kenya Puneri Paltan ₹10 Lakhs
 Hamid Mirzaei Nader Iran Haryana Steelers  ₹12.1 Lakhs
 Mohammadreza Shadloui Chiyaneh  Iran Patna Pirates ₹31 Lakhs
 Mohammad Malak Iran Tamil Thalaivas ₹10 Lakhs
 Abe Tetsuro Japan Telugu Titans ₹10 Lakhs
 Soleiman Pahlevani Iran Gujarat Giants ₹11.5 Lakhs
 Ziaur Rahman Bangladesh Bengaluru Bulls ₹12.2 Lakhs
 Dong Geon Lee South Korea Bengaluru Bulls ₹12.5 Lakhs
 Abolfazl Maghsodloumahali Iran Bengaluru Bulls ₹13 Lakhs
 Mohammad Esmaeil Maghsodlou Iran Haryana Steelers ₹13.2 Lakhs
 Mohammad Taghi Paein Mahali Iran UP Yoddha ₹12 Lakhs
 Mohammad Amin Nosrati Iran Jaipur Pink Panthers  ₹11 Lakhs
 Amir Hossein Mohammadmaleki Iran Jaipur Pink Panthers ₹10 Lakhs
 Emad Sedaghatnia Iran Dabangg Delhi ₹10.2 Lakhs
 Anwar Saheed Baba Sri Lanka Tamil Thalaivas ₹10 Lakhs
 Hyunsu Park South Korea Telugu Titans ₹10 Lakhs
 Hadi Oshtorak Iran Gujarat Giants ₹20 Lakhs
 Mohammad Tuhin Tarafder Bangladesh Tamil Thalaivas ₹10 Lakhs
 Mohd. Masud Karim Bangladesh UP Yoddha ₹10 Lakhs



Now let discuss all questions which might arise in your mind about auctions.

Q1. When will PKL season 9 be held?
The Pro Kabaddi 2022 will start from 11th November 2022.

Q2. How many teams will play in Pro Kabaddi 2022?
There will be 12 teams playing in the Pro Kabaddi season 9.

Q3. Who is the most expensive Indian player in this season?
Pardeep Narwal got the highest bid of ₹1.65 crores by UP Yoddha and he becomes the most expensive player of pro kabaddi history.

Q4.Who is the most expensive foreign player in this season?
Mohammadreza Shadloui Chiyaneh was sold to Patna Pirates in ₹31 lakhs and become the most expensive overseas player of PKL 9.

Q5. Why auction will held for 2 days?
Since there are 500+ players including 24 young players from Khelo India University Games participating in the pro kabaddi auction this time. So, to make the process smooth the auction will continue for 2 days.

Q6. What was the auction process?
The players are divided into 4 categories A, B, C, D. Further in each category the players are divided into Raiders, All-rounders, Defenders. Each team can sign maximum 3 foreign players.

Q7. What will the base prices for each category?
The base price for category A is 30 lakhs, B is 20 lakhs, C is 10 lakhs and D is 6 lakhs.

Q8. How many players a team can retain?
Every team can retain up to 6 players under ERPC (Elite Retained Players Category). The salary purse given to each franchisee to make there squad is 4.4 crores.

Q9. Where to watch Pro Kabaddi 2022 live on TV?
Star Sports is the official broadcast partner of PKL.

After a long gap, we will soon get to enjoy some of the best kabaddi matches this year, especially the veteran Players Pradeep Narwal, Pawan Sherawat, and Naveen Kumar’s performance.

If you look back in season 8, Dabang Delhi clinched that year’s title and took back home 3 crore rupees, which were presented to them by the sports minister of India Kiren Rijiju, the team Patna Pirates got 1.8 crore rupees.

This booking amount of money is also why many more players are coming up and escalating their games to earn big bucks.
If we bundle up season 8, which consisted of 137 matches spread across 91 days in some bunch of awards then.
  • The most valuable referee of the season is Mr. Shankar.
  • New young player of the season – Mohit Goyat of Puneri Paltan, who scored 159 raid points along with 28 tackle points.
  • Raider of the season Pawan Sherawat of Bengaluru Bulls, 304 raid points including 18 super 10s.
  • Defender of the season – Mohammadreza Chiyaneh of Patna Pirates took 89 tackle points including 10 high 5s.
  • Most Valuable player – Naveen Kumar of Dabang Delhi, scored a total of 207 points in 17 matches.
Now let’s take a brief look at the main teams of Pro Kabaddi League 2022, their chance to win the title in season 9, and their previous year’s stats.
Dabang Delhi
Dabang Delhi kc Season 8 Stats
Match Played
Total Raids
Successfull Raids
As the name suggests, they are a high-quality team and had performed exceptionally well in PKL. If we talk about Dabang Delhi KC’s top performance, then the top raider is Naveen Kumar, who scored a total of  207 raid points in 17 matches of season 8. The best defender was Manjeet Chhillar with 50 tackle points. Vijay, the best all-rounder, scored 162 Points.
This team is captioned under Joginder Singh and Krishna Kumar Hooda.


Bengaluru Bulls
Bengaluru Bulls Season 8 Stats
Match Played
Total Raids
Successful Raids


This team is the champion of season 6, and this is one of the best teams in the league. They can take down any team in any given instance. If we talk about their top performers of Season 8, Pawan Kumar Sehrawat is the top raider of Bengaluru Bulls with 304 raid points. Saurabh Nandal is the best defender with 63 tackle points.


Bengal Warriors
Bengal Warriors Season 8 Stats
Match Played
Total Raids
Successful Raids


Season 7 winner Bengal Warriors team is one of the most consistent teams in PKL history. Maninder Singh was Bengal Warrior’s top raider in season 8 who earned 262 raid points.  Abozar Mighani was among the top defenders, who took 40 tackle points, and Mohammed Esmaeil Nabibakhsh was the top all-rounder with 108 points. Currently, their Captain is Maninder Singh, and their head coach is BC Ramesh.
Patna Pirates
Patna Pirates Season 8 Stats
Match Played
Total Raids
Successful Raids
Winner of Season 8 Patna Pirates’ performance was extraordinary. With 4 titles franchise become one of the most successful team of Pro Kabaddi. If we talk about season 8 of Patna Pirates, then their top raider was Sachin, who scored 172 raid points. Mohammadreza Chiyaneh was the best defender with 86 tackle points.
Gujarat Fortune Giants
Gujarat Fortune Season 8 Stats
Match Played
Total Raids
Successful Raids
Gujarat Fortune Giants, a team filled with youngsters. The team is working very hard and has been known for its consistent performance since some of the last seasons, ever since Manpreet Singh became their coach.  Rakesh, the one of the best raider of Gujarat in season 8, earned 140 raid points and Parvesh Bhainswal proved to be the best defender with 46 tackle points.
According to me, all the 12 teams can win the season 9 title, but the team that deserves the most is the Gujarat Fortune Giants because despite having any big player, the team is performing well. The team is full of young talent. We would be very happy to know your opinion regarding which team among the 12 teams in Pro Kabaddi League 2022 deserves to win; give your opinion in the comment box.


  1. Telugu taitans pakka champions in this season😎😎😎😎✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🎉🎉🎉🎉🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊

  2. I love patna pirates because the legend pradeep narwal is in patna pirates he is the record breaker pradeep narwal the dubki king the raid machine etc are earned by pradeep king he is the one and only player in kabaddi no one can debate with him


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