6 Reasons Why Pro Kabaddi League is so famous

Why Pro Kabaddi League is so famous?

India is sports-centric from the very beginning. People in India have great love and enthusiasm for sports like Kabaddi. If we talk about one of the most famous and oldest sport in India then kabaddi will top the list. There are many evidences that prove that was played thousands of years ago. Some of the mythological texts suggest that Kabaddi was firstly played in the Mahabharatayuga between kauravas and pandavas in the battlefield of kurukshetra. There are also evidences that suggest that Kings in ancient times played kabaddi for expressing their power and strength.

If we talk about Kabaddi in today’s world it has reached maximum heights. Kabaddi is nothing less than Cricket in terms of popularity these days. All the credit behind this immense popularity goes to Pro Kabaddi League, this league has changed the perspective of the Indian audiences towards kabaddi totally.

Earlier kabaddi was treated as a local sport that is played in the rural areas but now after the huge success of PKL, it is getting recognized as a national sport. Or in short, we can say that in a few years it will be treated the same as cricket. 

The Pro Kabaddi League was started in 2014, since then a new phase in the sport has started, now it is watched and praised all over the world. However, it is not only famous in terms of viewership it is also famous in the online sports betting market. Just like cricket, there are various Kabaddi Betting sites available for kabaddi. These sites are one of the major reason behind the immense popularity of kabaddi across the world. Nowadays the game is even watched by foreigners, they love to watch the game and place their wagers on this beautiful sport.

We all know that Kabaddi is famous because of PKL but do you know? What are the main reasons behind the immense popularity of the Pro Kabaddi League? We’ll discuss the facts behind it.

  1. Fusion with modernity – We all know that kabaddi is one of the ancient sports of India but Pro kabaddi was launched with a fusion of modernity. Some rules were changed, some techniques were enhanced. This all made the game more exciting for the viewers.
  2. Bollywood’s Presence – India is a country where people love only two things, one is sports and the other is Bollywood. Pro Kabaddi League was launched with a mixture of this. Famous Bollywood stars owned different-different franchises. This gesture was loved by the audience, they enjoyed the presence of their favorite Bollywood actors in the kabaddi stadium.
  3. Brand Advertising – There are various famous brands that are endorsed by some of the famous Kabaddi players. People love to see their favorite players endorsing their favorite brands.
  4. Players – Another important reason behind the popularity of PKL is the players. Some people are so obsessed with their favorite athletes that they watch the match just because of them. Kabaddi superstars are Pardeep Narwal, Rahul Chaudhari, Nitesh Kumar are very famous among the fans.
  5. Kabaddi as a career option – It is also a major factor responsible for the amazing growth of the Pro Kabaddi League. This tournament has inspired a lot of youngsters to look upon this local sport as a career option. 
  6. Viewership and telecast – After the first season of PKL in 2014, PKL had an amazing viewership of 435 million, also 86.4 million Indian fans alone watched the final. These figures are totally correct, there is no vague into it. Star Sports played an impeccable role in popularizing the sport, they not only just telecasted the  games but  they also worked in different areas from short videos, laser typical shows, glorifying physical appearances of Kabaddi superstars – this all resulted in enhancing the sport quality and profile in the debut season

The rise of this sport has been impeccable, whether in India or the world around. With the 8th and most exciting season starting after the dreadful years of the pandemic, make sure you tune in, from wherever you are to watch the highs and lows of this sport starting on the 22nd of December.  

It is the first time when the tournament will be played without audience. There will be no fans cheering for their favorite players in this season. It will be a blow-off for the players too. They won’t have their fan support in this season.

The tournament will be played in bio-bubble for the first time in the history of PKL. Also, there will be ‘triple panga’ this season as there will be 3 matches played in a single night. 

The Indian National Kabaddi Captain Deepak Niwas Hooda said that PKL had been significant in “making Kabaddi the second-most-watched game in the country,” he also added. Speaking to a national daily, Hooda said, “The actual growth of Kabaddi and that so many people know us, has happened after the PKL came into being. Earlier, despite international tournaments taking place, very few people followed the game. Now, people follow what is seen or shown on TV.”

This all resulted in the amazing rise of the sport, every factor has word efficiently. There is no doubt that the sport has beaten football in terms of viewership and revenue generation. Also, it is just inches away from cricket, we are sure that too will be unbridged quickly. 


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